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AGI Industries

Precision Measurement and Controls

  • El-O-Matic Actuators

    Bettis Valve Actuators

    We offer a full line of Bettis Electric Actuators to automate Ball Valves, V-Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Choke & Control Valves. We use these to automatically open & close your valves, divert flows or control pressures & flows.

  • Taylor Valve Technology

    Taylor Valve Technology

    Taylor manufactures a large line of Choke & Control Valves as well as Safety Relief Valves for Water, Oil, Gas & Steam applications.

  • Rotork Actuators

    Rotork Actuators

    Rotork is the world’s leading manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators and associated Control Systems, Gear Boxes, and Valve Accessories. These actuators are air/gas operated to open & close your valves and to divert or control pressures and flows.

  • Rotork Actuators

    Trimteck Control Valves

    Trimteck aims to provide customers around the world with high quality, cost-effective flow control solutions. Their Control Valves come in V-Ball, Butterfly, Globe, and Eccentric Plug style.

  • Smar

    SMAR Process Control

    SMAR offers a comprehensive process instrumentation portfolio with the best-in-class transmitters for the widest range of applications including measurement for pressure, temperature, flow or level. They also offer electropneumatic positioners, process controllers and process recorders.

  • AST

    AST Sensors

    AST's one-piece sensing element design is available in 316L stainless steel for applications including hydrogen measurement, explosion-proof areas, as well as NSF61 compatible water pressure applications.

  • Clark Reliance / Jerguson Level Indication and Control

    Clark Reliance / Jerguson Level Indication and Control

    With Clark Reliance, Jerguson & Magne-Sonics we can handle almost any Liquid Level Gage or Level Control application. We use these to prevent spills & control levels in Separators, Filters, Vessels, Tanks & Boilers.

  • Milton Roy Chemical Pumps

    Milton Roy Chemical Pumps

    The Milton Roy Family of chemical metering Pumps are an American tradition. The Milton Roy Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps, Williams Pneumatic Metering Pumps and Linc Pneumatic & Electric Pumps are American Made with a 74 year history behind them to make the Milton Roy chemical pump line the finest on the market today.

  • Gpi Digital Meters

    GPI LCD Digital Meters

    GPI LCD Digital meters offer a very affordable, reliable and accurate way to measure almost any liquid. They come in both turbine and positive displacement styles and cover a very low to high flow-range. We have strainers to protect them as well.

  • Peter Paul Solenoid Valves Peter Paul Solenoid Valves

    Peter Paul Solenoid Valves

    The Peter Paul Solenoid Valve Co. put a heavy emphasis on quality. For over 35 years they have manufactured general purpose, explosion proof, low watt, high flow & special solenoid valves.

  • Sigma-Netics

    Sigma-Netics Pressure Switches

    Sigma-Netics offers a complete line of pressure switches, transducers and transmitters as well as temperature switches and sensors that are designed for rugged, industrial environments.